Rare diseases affect one in 10 people.

CMT4J is a rare, progressive, neurological disease similar to ALS.

CureCMT4J is a non-profit created by parents of Talia, a 14 year-old girl with severe, early-onset CMT4J. CureCMT4J is the only entity working toward a treatment or cure for this deadly disease. YOU can help us to get there. 

Save the Date: Chase the Butterfly is back on May 15!
After two years off we will be bringing back Chase the Butterfly for CureCMT4J! The event is going to be the same three mile run/walk that it has been in the past and will take place on Sunday, May 15. There will be new merchandise and activities at the event and we’d love to see you there. All proceeds will benefit the work CureCMT4J’s scientific team is doing to advance a human clinical trial of gene therapy for CMT4J. Register Today!

OF OUR $2,200,000 GOAL


Our researchers working together from The Jackson Laboratory, UT Southwestern, and University of Michigan have shown great success in using gene therapy to treat CMT4J mouse models! We’re working hard on getting it into a clinical trial! 

Gene Therapy

Drug Repurposing

Small Molecule Treatment

To learn more about our research visit our Research Pathway page

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