About Cure CMT4J

CureCMT4J/Talia Duff Foundation is an all-volunteer non-profit organization dedicated to developing a treatment or cure for CMT4J.

Founded in June, 2016, CureCMT4J’s mission is to generate awareness and support for the expedited research and development of gene therapy to treat or cure Charcot Marie Tooth Disease, Type 4J (CMT4J).

CureCMT4J views its secondary mission as an advocacy organization, providing a voice and platform for rare disease advocacy and research through speaking engagements, rare disease conferences and social media education, awareness and fundraising campaigns.

Who We Are
Jocelyn Duff – Co-founder, Executive Director, Mom to Talia
John Duff – Co-founder, Dad to Talia
Jeff Jones – Director of Business Development; President, Board of Directors
Michele Wertz – Secretary, Board of Directors; research and development
Frank Hertz – Treasurer, Board of Directors; website manager and creative design
Shane Murray – Scientific research and planning; Board of Directors
William Gorman – Scientific research and planning; Board of Directors
Marcia Gray – Director of Communications
Toni Mooradd – Director of Fundraising
Katie Hertz – Development; Major Gift Campaign
Rob Donahue – Development; Major Gift Campaign
Gretchen Marinopoulos – fundraising and school outreach
Heather Pillis – Gala auction director